WOW Derry-Londonderry 2016 talks!  Did you miss some events?  Or even just want to watch them again?

Social Media and Women - A Double Edged Sword?

Are the trolls winning and pushing women off the internet?  Ghostbusters, Mad Max, racism on Twitter and sexism on Facebook are pitted against the important role social media is playing in promoting equality.  Locally social media has been used successfully to highlight women’s fight for reproductive control and body autonomy.  Equality Studies Lecturer Francine Blache Breen, Women’s right’s activist Goretti Horgan, Michelle Marie body positivity  ambassador who recently took over the @Ireland Twitter account and received a torrent of racial abuse, and student Divya Ravikumar  discuss if reclaiming the internet is possible.  Chaired by Catriona Mullan.

The Border, Brexit and The Art of Butter Smuggling

Will we see a return of smuggling groceries across the border?  Local women including Diane Greer and Miriam Baustista Pascua share their memories of the hard border and political commentator Adrianne Peltzi discusses the possible outcomes of Brexit.  Chaired by Derry journalist Leona O’Neill.


Welcome to WOW

WOW Derry-Londonderry is one of over 20 WOW festivals happening around the world.  Come and hear about the impact WOW is making locally and globally in this introductory session with Claudia Merhej from WOW London at Southbank Centre and Taryn Gleeson Executive Producer of WOW Derry-Londonderry.

Debunking The Mad Witch Myth (excerpt)

How does misogyny affect women’s mental health? Women are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health condition than men and yet their suffering is often minimized, dismissed, mocked or silenced. This panel discusses these issues and looks at options, solutions and actions for increasing women’s emotional well being.

Panelists Caroline McMenamin, Professor Siobhan O'Neill, Cara McLoughlin and chaired by Julie Costello.

Videos filmed by Daniel McGarrigle.

There are also videos from last year's WOW Festival Derry-Londonderry available to watch here.

Videos from WOW 2016!

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