What did people think of WOW Festival Derry-Londonderry 2015?   Let them tell you...

What did you like most about the festival?

"Feeling empowered and feeling part of a team even with people I didn't know"

"It was such an open and friendly environment, I felt very comfortable speaking out which I usually can’t do."

"Loved the conversations and opening up with friends about all I’ll take away from it."

"The togetherness of women"

"The positive atmosphere surrounding it. Everyone seemed very happy and involved and everyone seemed very celebratory of each others differences"


"The programme was very strong, with real issues being presented and challenged."

"I loved the safe feeling being amongst so many wonderful women!"

What would you like to see at the festival?

"For it to continue"

"Great to see guys attending. Maybe encourage people to bring a friend in case they feel they aren’t welcome to attend an event like this."

"I think you have everything covered, it’s great. So impressed with the programme this year."

"More voices from Polish/Eastern European/Africa/Asian citizens"

"Address miscarriage/pregnancy loss and the taboo around talking that and fertility issues"

"More of all of it"

If you have any other ideas please join the discussion here.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the festival?

"Make it bigger!"

"Too many good events on at the same time – not a big complaint!"

"Find more ways to get the info out to even more people"

"Make it longer"

Was there anything you didn't like about the festival?


"Loved it all!"

Any other comments?

"This event has changed me. It has stripped back a lot of the restraints that I have had put or put on myself. Living a full life as a woman is possible and there is nothing in reality that can hold that back. It’s a matter of hearing that and experiencing it through inspiring women."

"I absolutely love stuff like this – it makes me realize how important female friendships and camaraderie is. It’s good to be with like-minded people."

"Grateful for being a part of it, for the beauty, strength, support and honesty of the women who played any roles – from organizing, volunteering, speaking, listening, learning, sharing. A palpable sense of solidarity of women by women and of good men’s support."

"Fantastic event, loved being able to bring hubby and children"

"It’s a great festival. It offers hope and support for lots of people."

Thank you so much to everyone who made it such a great festival!

Please join the discussion and tell us what you would like to see in 2016 here!

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